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Vincent Adiko Limited

Contract Manufacturing

We are a contract manufacturing company covering the packaging needs of Cosmetic brands, Pharmaceutical companies and the Food industry for almost two decades. Our portfolio mainly comprise four production lines of eco-friendly packaging products:

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Wholesale packaging

We are your contract manufacturing partner in China. We offer factory prices as we have four production lines (glass, paper, aluminum, plastic) of eco-friendly packaging products.

Retail packaging


We are happy to offer packaging on lower MoQ for specific packaging items such us aluminum jars and paper tubes.

Within our group we have our own transportation company that will allow you to get faster transportation quotes and better management of your orders whether via air, sea or courier.


Complete Packaging Solutions

Packaging experience

We have accumulated almost two decades of experience in different packaging projects. Use our experience to your advantage!

Accurate pricing

Pricing is key! Trust us, we know. We offer manufacturing prices not even wholesale prices. Lower your costs and be more competitive. As simple as that!

Fast responses

Your projects matter to us. It is true! We guarantee that within 1 working day we will attend to your business inquiries.

Global shipping

Deadlines are the cornerstone of any business project. We offer global shipping and continuous information for the stage of your orders.


Product portfolio

Our product portfolio comprise of glass, paper, plastic, aluminum and other packaging options. We have the knowledge and flexibility to cover your packaging needs for the majority of your products.

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Suite 6B, 726 West Yan An Road, Shanghai, China.

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