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We are happy to answer your questions and start our business relationship together. Whether a beauty brand, a pharmaceutical company or food industry we are sure we can cover all your packaging needs on logical cost basis.​

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What are your minimum order quantities?

As a contract manufacturing company we have a MoQ to cover our production costs. MoQ depends on different factors such packaging design, material per product or relevant artwork for printing. In general MoQ per material stands as follows:

Plastic: 10,000 pcs per size per color

Glass, Aluminum: 5,000 pcs per size per color

Paper: 1,000 pcs per size per color

Make up: 12,000 pcs per size per color

We can offer lower MoQ depending on the availability of our stock products. Stock products are without any customizations.


How can I obtain a catalogue of your products?

Although from our experience catalogues are time consuming, we have many different catalogues per packaging material so you can get ideas or identify the item you are interested in.

If you can meet our MoQ, please advise for which packaging material you are interested in so we can send you the relevant catalogue to your email address.


Can I get a sample of your products?

We can offer free samples up to a logical number. Courier cost is on your account.

Please also note that based on our company policy we are not to release samples to our clients unless we have agreed first on quantities and prices.


What is the production time and shipping time?

Our lead time depends on different factors such us the period of the year, the capacity of our production lines and the demand for packaging products. We have worked very hard over the years to establish an average production time of 3 weeks for all our packaging products. Please note that production time may differ based on order quantity and customization per product.

Shipping time depends on the mode of shipping (air, sea, train, courier) as well as your location.

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