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About Us

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Vincent Adiko Limited (VA), headquartered in Shanghai, China was founded in 2008, aiming to bridge the gap between quality eco friendly packaging and accurate pricing as well as to offer exceptional customer service without miscommunication and misunderstandings. 

With more than two decades of experience in supplying cosmetic brands, pharmaceutical companies and the food industry with complete packaging solutions, our vision remains the same from the beginning; long term fruitful business relationships without headaches.


Together with our clients, whom we consider partners, we strive to achieve innovative packaging projects or replace existing packaging options with more recyclable solutions.

If you aim to decrease your packaging costs and increase your sales and reach with new packaging, VA is your value added partner in contract manufacturing.


Confidence & Value

We serve our clients with confidence, focusing on adding value to their brands.

Consistency & Flexibility

We admire our consistent effort to understand our clients’ needs and serve them with flexible business terms.

Trust & Honesty

We would not have earned the trust of our clients, if it was not for our most important work ethic, honesty.

Accuracy & Quality

For VA, protecting our clients

equals offering accurate pricing and quality products.

Experience & Expansion

We pride for our almost two decade experience as a contract manufacturing partner, enabling us to expand our presence in different economic hubs.

Innovation & Environment

Our innovative nature provides our clients with the latest packaging trends along with the outmost respect towards the environment.

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