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How we work

Based on our two decade customer service experience, our work procedure is divided in three (3) simple stages, designed to save you time.

We are excited to make your business day easier and let you enjoy your week!



Clarify the packaging project

To begin our business relationship we will need from you a detailed description of the item(s) you are looking for.

We will ask you to be patient with us, because the more details you offer us the better we can assist you with your packaging objective and lower your packaging costs.

So to summarize we will need the following information from you so we can begin:

Live photo of the item(s) you are looking for.

Brief description of the packaging materials (i.e. glass bottle with aluminum cap).

Relevant packaging dimensions.

Color(s) per product.

We have many different catalogues for all our packaging materials. We know, however, that catalogues are time consuming. We prefer to help you save time by telling us what you need so we spent time to serve your inquiries. Still if you need our catalogues we are happy to share.


Quotation phase

We pride for our very fast business replies and accurate quotations, which on normal business periods are within 2 business days.

We are a contract manufacturing company that offers factory prices due to our cooperated production lines. We offer 2 weeks of price validity, as prices tend to fluctuate every 15 days.

As your partner we remain flexible. Our most important task is to minimize your costs and avoid all headaches. Every dollar counts! We will manage your inquiries as it were our own!


Payment and delivery

Upon your approval of our samples, we will set our mutual accepted payments terms. 

On average production time is about 3 weeks. Delivery time will depend on the mode of transport you choose (sea, air or courier) and the delivery location.

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